October 16, 2009

♥ Hello My Love

Hello There My Love...
It seems like every time I promise to get better at updating
it only gets worse. So from now on I will not make that promise.

Many things are new but many things are the same still as well.
I'm still fighting hard with school, it's a lot right now. Exams and such.
But it's going really well in all 3 classes that I'm taking this year :)

I have a new computer that is like 100 times better then my old one.
I can even play The Sims 3 all I want now. My old computer couldn't
even manage to let me play the first The Sims. That's how bad it was.
So yes, I am extremely happy over the new computer.

I've started using Tumblr and I use it a lot. Updates pretty much every
single day and it is a lot of updates when I have the time for it haha.
Maybe a bit to much now and then...But hey, I am addicted to it !!
So if you have one please add me, I promise daily updates (almost).

My health isn't the best right now. Something is up with my heart and
I am in the middle of doctors checking it out and taking lots of tests.
It's beating really weird all the time and has for a few months now.
The result is me being very exhausted all the time but I keep fighting.
I can't drink to much coffee and not eat to much liquorish...Things like that.
Liquorish makes your heart beat faster.

I'm sure there's lots I haven't written here but it's been some time since
I updated so yeah...I am not going to promise to get better because that
will not work, it will make it worse haha.