August 31, 2009

A Slytherin Marauder

[Music: From Hell OST - In Memoriam]
[Mood: Tired]

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good..."
I solemnly swear I'm up to no good...
"Mischief managed."

August 30, 2009

Magical Stop-Motion

[Music: James Marsters - Bad]
[Mood: Cold]

I couldn't sleep last night, so I put on a Slytherin inspired outfit
and took a bunch of photos. 365 to be exact...
I made a little stop-motion with them as well this morning.

This is my second stop-motion video I've made. I'm dying to do more.
I know many of the photos are blurry or have a lot of noise, both really.
But I kind of like it, sets a nice mood to the video :)

August 28, 2009

El laberinto del fauno

[Music: Javier Navarrete - Long, Long Time Ago (Hace much, much tiempo)]
[Mood: Tired]

School is going very well. This week has been very calm but I've been ill
at the same time as I've been to school, not that anyone has noticed haha.
But it's not because people in school ignores me, I just feel a lot better
when I am there. It's strange really, I used to hate school with all I had.

I watched Pan's Labyrinth tonight, I love that movie so much. A favorite.
One thing I love around it is how about 50 % think all of it is happening
while the other 50 % thinks it's all in Ofelia's little mind, adore her.
What side do you think I am on?
The music in the movie is so amazing I could die from it, I
I would love to hear more work by that composer, Javier Navarrete.

If you have not seen the movie yet, believe me when I say that you must.
Don't let movies in a different language stop you from discovering new things !!
Pan's Labyrinth is in Spanish. The movies "real" name is El laberinto del fauno.

Well I am off to bed. I promise I'll get better on updating :)
Working on a new layout for the blog again as well. Will be similar to my Swedish one.

August 22, 2009

Tutorial: How To Make A Ring (Really Easy!!)

[Music: Regina Spektor - Music Box]
[Mood: Relaxed]

This is my first video tutorial ever.
How To Make a Ring

Kitten Style in Stop Motion.

[Music: Me coughing]
[Mood: Cold]

A little project I've worked on this week. It's my first try
with Stop Motion Animation so it's not brilliant to be honest hehe.
But I think good for my first try o.0

A little taste of what I can put on during a school day.
Minus the Hello Kitty Pajama...I hadn't get dressed & such yet there xD

I apologies for the random change of my eyes haha.
They change a lot between light and dark...

August 21, 2009

School Week One, done.

[Music: Typing on the keyboard]
[Mood: Exhausted]

[Me at the library yesterday, doing my homework.]

The first week of school is over. It's honestly been a very good week.
I've had a lot of fun being back in school. Does that make me insane?
I've even had my first homework. My first test. Got a new first friend.
My god, I even argued for the first time with a teacher yesterday haha.

This week I've felt more alive then I have in a very long time.
Feels like I'm finally doing something with my life and that it's finally
the right time to do something with it. That I'm strong enough now.

So much new information and stuff to melt inside my head, it's spinning.
But it feels so amazing, I don't know how to start in order to explain it.
It's just...wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I am dead tired right now haha.
But still, it is so wonderful !!

August 18, 2009

Up Early, Rise & Shine

[Music: Cat Power - Sea of Love]
[Mood: Cheerful]

I had a great time yesterday at my first real day in school.
I had classes between 8.30AM-3.45PM so it was a long day haha.
I was so tired when I finally came home so I crashed into bed
when the clock turned about 10PM. There for I was up 7AM today.

Today I only have one class, so my school day ends around 11.45AM.
That's pretty sweet. But when school has really started with homework
and so on, those days with only one class will still be a lot of studying.
But I don't mind it at all, other way around to be honest. Am I insane?

But it's time for me to get ready and leave for school now :)
I just wanted to show myself in the blog so you know I've survived xD

And you do know if you have any questions all you have to do is ask?
I will of course also answer.

August 17, 2009

Pacing while Fading

[Music: The Man Who Cried OST]
[Mood: Annoyed]

Today was the first day for me in school.
It's the first time in like 5 years that I'm going to study.
The important things with teachers and information went wonderful.
The part where to socialize with the other students...not so much.
Took them like 10 min to "choose" me as the freakish
I tried talking with a few but they just looked at me like I'm a alien.
Excuse me for wearing colorful clothes & have a bow in my hair? Or what...

But that's the not most important part for me right now. Studying is.
Thank god I had therapy after because I honestly had a small breakdown.

Tomorrow the classes starts and I am looking forward to it.
And who knows, maybe I'll find a friend or two later on...

August 14, 2009

Travel Vlog.

[Music: Nicholas Hooper - Malfoy's Mission]
[Mood: Tired]

So, I made my first Travel Vlog during the roadtrip.
I think I did well for my first time, didn't I ? :O

I had such a wonderful time, I really needed to get away.
Even if it was only for a very short time hehe.
The area where the zoo and the hotel was, I have one word; Beautiful.
So peaceful with all the high mountains and water. All the trees...

I got some photographing done as well, some are on Flickr.
The red panda was so friggin adorable I could die btw !!

August 10, 2009

Good Bye

[Music: Lady GaGa - Boys Boys Boys]
[Mood: Excited]

I just wanted to say good bye for a few days :)
Well, until Thursday only but still.

I am leaving with my friend tomorrow as I told you the other day.
I am looking forward to it a lot and I'm sure I'll have a great time.

See you when I come back home lovelies :)

I might post while I'm gone, we'll see.
There's always Twitter if not hehe.

Bye !!

August 09, 2009

YouTube Tutorial Videos.

[Music: Lady GaGa - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich]
[Mood: Bored]
Youtube is a great site if you're looking for tutorial videos.
I thought I would post a few in this post and
I will focus on hair accessories in this post.

I will post more soon :)
Perhaps even make my own in the end, who knows.

Relaxing Sunday

[Music: Nicholas Hooper - Slughorn's Confession]
[Mood: Restless]

Today it is Sunday and Sunday is my very own day.
I use Sundays mostly for some time for me.
Doing things that relaxes me, like taking a long bath
or take a very long walk taking the camera with me.

I'm thinking of doing at least one tutorial today, we'll see.
Right now I am editing photographs from when I was at the zoo.
Still working on the tiger ones, I took so many of them haha.
If I don't make a tutorial I'll post a playlist from YouTube.

But I am going to take a break from the editing and go out on the balcony.
Where I will sit with a magazine drinking a cup of coffee.

August 08, 2009

Tiger Portrait

[Music: James Marsters - No Promises]
[Mood: Relaxed]

Siberian Tiger

Most of the photographs I took at Kolmårdens Zoo was on the tigers.
Tigers are my number one favorite animal in the whole wide world.

So yes, there will be more photography of the lovely "little" things.

August 07, 2009

On The Beach

[Music: Regina Spektor - Samson]
[Mood: Tired]

I had a wonderful time at the beach today.
I swum around in the water like a little girl,
read the latest H&M Fashion magazine and enjoyed the sun.
I also hurt my toe, it bleed for like 5 hours...
The bleeding has stopped by now but it still hurts :(

I also bought some supplies for school today, love it.
All I have to get now is one more book for a class and a school bag.
And a book calendar...I always have a hard time choosing one.

I'm going to eat candy now while I watch a movie :)

Water Play.

[Music: James Marsters - Bad]
[Mood: Happy]

Yesterday at the zoo the tigers, especially this years cubs, where playful.
Kolmårdens Zoo work a lot with saving animals fighting for their place on
this planet and they are doing well. One of the projects is the Siberian Tiger.
I love watching them play. The cubs this year is doing very well :)
I sometimes watch them through the web cams they have set up there,
they are deadly adorable while playing in the snow !!

Today is my turn to play in the water as well. I'm going to the beach.
I'm going with my sister and Peter. I have packed a bunch of magazines.
I'm sure I'll have a nice and relaxing day.

August 06, 2009

Kolmårdens Zoo 2009

[Music: Regina Spektor - The Call]
[Mood: Exhausted]

Forever Watchful
I've had a great day today being at the zoo !!
It's been amazing weather all day, almost to amazing & warm.
We drank a lots of water but still I got a headache on the way home,
but not to worry, it is gone now since I took a nap hehe.

We managed to catch the bird-show they have there and as every year
it was truly amazing. I got a few amazing photographs and I recorded a bit.
So I'll put up a video or two later or in a day or two, along with more photos.

I am so tired right now I hardly know my name...
So I'll make this short and end here.

I'm going to drink my coffee and look through the new H&M magazine.
Did you have a good day?

August 05, 2009

Mornin' World !!

[Music: Red Tape - Agent Provocateur]
[Mood: Cheerful]

Just wanted to drop in and wish a Good Morning !! ^^
Since it is about 8AM in Sweden right now...

I'm going to the zoo today and the camera is indeed coming with me.
So a lot of animal & nature photographs will soon attack this blog !! :)

I have to go so I wont be late hehe.
I hope you all will have a wonderful day/night !!

Hello Little Butterfly.

[Music: Billy Idol - White Wedding]
[Mood: Relaxed]

Today my friend Wookie is coming here and I am happy to get company !!
Wookie isn't just any friend, he is my very best friend in the whole world.
We're eating japanese food today, I am craving for some sushi. Yummy!!
With other words I need to clean up a bit in the apartment, but not much.
Also going to the summer place to see my parents for a few hours today.

And tomorrow Wookie, me, my sister and Peter are going to the zoo.
My favorite one called Kolmårdens Zoo !! I have permission from dad
to take his brilliantly awesome camera with me, so happy over that.

But that is not all. Yesterday I got a surprise video from Wookie,
that I'm not allowed to upload on the internet haha, about the trip next week.
We're going to a place called Noak's Arc !! It is a zoo as well and is about
5-6 hours away from here so we're spending the night at their hotel :)
We're going on the 11th next week and it's going to be so much fun too.
The nature around where we will live is so amazingly beautiful.

But I'm going to watch the new Bleach episode now and then clean a bit.

August 04, 2009

Alice in Wonderland [2010]

[Music: Scissor Sister - Laura]
[Mood: Excited]

These kind of things makes my all warm and fuzzy inside.
It makes my depression go *poof* as well for a short while.
Tim Burton is my number one favorite in the movie making world.
He is so amazing, all of his movies are just...perfect !! It's a good word for it.
Alice in Wonderland, wonderful story and very loved by me and many.
Tim Burton's version will without a doubt be so perfect I could die.
The cast is perfect. Danny Elfman will do the music, that is perfect too.

Time has to move faster to the time for this wonderfulness will be here.

So, who can see me sitting in a
cute dress with a bow in my hair?

& The Blood Goes Drip Drop...

[Music: Cat Power - Werewolf]
[Mood: Depressed]

The last few days have been...hard I guess you could say.
My depression has been reminding me well that it's here.
The best word to describe how I've felt is the word dead.
I hate that feeling. And I hate not being in control over it.

I'm still very down. I still just want to cry and hide under the cover.
But I've decided to do something today. To get out at least.
So I'm going to the thrift store later, when it has opened.

I'm starting to become afraid to be honest.
Almost nothing makes me happy anymore.
I am dead inside.

I do not want your pity. I just needed to write to calm down.
To get it out of my system so to speak.
I'll be as normal soon, I hope.

August 02, 2009

Let me...

[Music: Regina Spektor - The Sword & The Pen]
[Mood: Dreamy]

Play this while reading...

Strawberry Dress (3)
I wish I could dance with fairies all day long,
to feel happy and magical while we dance along.
I want to see the world, live in a new country once time a week.
I want to feel happiness in a new language that I seek.
Give me wings so I can fly high up in the sky, among all the clouds.
Give me strength so I can earn the money I need to travel all around.
I want to shop in Paris, live in England, go to Disney Land and meet my prince.
I want to dive in Australia and hike in New Zeeland. Travel around Scotland
and see all the castles. Visit Beyond Retro in London. Visit everything I want.
I See The World Through My Eyes
And when all of that is done and even more besides that...
Let me show you my world and life as I've seen it through my eyes.
Let me fill you with my adventures to spark up your dreams.
To give you fairytales and make you feel all magical inside.

August 01, 2009

Kitten Style 101

[Music: Regina Spektor - Eet]
[Mood: Exhausted]

Since many people keep asking me all over the web what
style I have anyway, I thought I would make a quick list.
A list of things that inspires me to buy something...

Patterns & Colors;
Marine Blue
Certain Purple
Checkered (School girls-style)

Comic Tops
Cute Tops (Rainbows, cats, anime-inspired...)

High Waists

Leggings & Kneesocks

Hair accessories (Hair clips, headbands...)
Waist belts
Bows & Ribbons

New Yorker
Second Hand

I don't have a so called style with other words.
I wear what I want to when I want to wear it.
So it's a very mixed style if anything.