August 18, 2009

Up Early, Rise & Shine

[Music: Cat Power - Sea of Love]
[Mood: Cheerful]

I had a great time yesterday at my first real day in school.
I had classes between 8.30AM-3.45PM so it was a long day haha.
I was so tired when I finally came home so I crashed into bed
when the clock turned about 10PM. There for I was up 7AM today.

Today I only have one class, so my school day ends around 11.45AM.
That's pretty sweet. But when school has really started with homework
and so on, those days with only one class will still be a lot of studying.
But I don't mind it at all, other way around to be honest. Am I insane?

But it's time for me to get ready and leave for school now :)
I just wanted to show myself in the blog so you know I've survived xD

And you do know if you have any questions all you have to do is ask?
I will of course also answer.

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