August 17, 2009

Pacing while Fading

[Music: The Man Who Cried OST]
[Mood: Annoyed]

Today was the first day for me in school.
It's the first time in like 5 years that I'm going to study.
The important things with teachers and information went wonderful.
The part where to socialize with the other students...not so much.
Took them like 10 min to "choose" me as the freakish
I tried talking with a few but they just looked at me like I'm a alien.
Excuse me for wearing colorful clothes & have a bow in my hair? Or what...

But that's the not most important part for me right now. Studying is.
Thank god I had therapy after because I honestly had a small breakdown.

Tomorrow the classes starts and I am looking forward to it.
And who knows, maybe I'll find a friend or two later on...

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