October 31, 2008


My knee is seriously killing me with pain, slowly.
I've been having problems with my knees, especially my right one
since I was like 10 years old. It comes now and then with my right now.
But most of the time it's because I hit it really hard or run to much...
Now it just came out of no where a few hours ago and getting worse.
I can't even sit down without it pounding with pain o.o
And it's getting more swollen by the minute :(
And I can't find my knee thingie support on top of it all .___.
It is seriously driving me insane people.

Time to begin.

Yeah so maybe I should begin fixing my room xD
Or I'll never get it done...well it'll take like 2 weeks before it happens.
So time to get a hold of myself and then start !! :D
I'm actually looking forward to it o.o
It's snowing outside...

Good Morning

zomg, it's me in long hair !! D:

My cold is back.
This "lovely" cold has been bugging me for over 2 months now.
And believe me when I tell you, that it's getting on my damn nerves !!
It's 10.30 am and I'm drinking my first cup of coffee, oh happiness :D
I slept longer then planned today lol.
But I needed it so yeah, guess it's fine.
I'm going to decorate my bedroom today. Make it more me (:
I really need to do that because dude, my room depresses me xD
I used to have posters all over my walls until 2 years ago when
I had they redone. So they're purple now...and naked o.o
And it's been depressing me for 2 years damn it xD
So it's time to put a little me touch to my bedroom (:

My dad comes home in like an hour.
Hopefully he'll go somewhere after lunch so I get the place
even more to myself before a weekend home with both my parents haha.
I'm such a sweet daughter sometimes xD

It's like 11.35 am now haha
My aunt called in the middle of it all and I got stuck
talking with her until now, lol.
So yeah...
Short post that took a long time xD

October 30, 2008

Anti Social Day.

I've been anti social most part of the day.
If you look away from the pets which I have spend a lot of time with.
I've been thinking a lot today. Discussed some of it with my good friend Linus.
I miss him so much, hate him a bit since he moved from Sweden to England...
and now he's moved all the way to L.A. It sucks and it's breaking my heart.
But I accept it since I love him so much. If it's what he wants, it's what he should do.

I've been thinking about Harry Potter to Home decor.
Random things the whole time, it's both fun and...well not o.0
I want to redo my whole room. Like a complete make over.
The same thing goes with myself. I want something new damn it.
I need change in my life soon or I will go insane, which isn't good haha.
We'll see what I'll do. I'm going to start tomorrow already (:

I got a few hours alone with my mom today,
I think I needed that. We didn't do anything really.
We just talked a bit, ate dinner and then played with the bunny.
But I needed it. I love my mom, she's one of my closest friends.

Right now I'm almost done charging my camera battery
because I want to photograph a bit before bedtime.
I'm going to try and get to sleep early today (it's 9:17 pm)
because I haven't slept that much the past weeks.

A New Start.

So, I decided to start blogging in English once again.
There for I deleted my old English blog and made a new one (:
It's the same name and address. I just wanted a fresh start.
So instead of deleted like 100 posts I deleted it and made a new one xD
So a new layout and the same old Kitten writing in it ^.^
Honestly I must say that I'll probably wont be as active like last time.
I also have a Swedish blog that I write in almost every day, sorry about that.
For you who know Swedish can follow that blog over here;
Kitten Neverland.

It's a lot that I still have to do when it comes to the layout,
fixing the meny for example.
But I will take a piece at the time ;)
I don't have much inspiration right now.

If you're lucky I might start video blogging as well D:
I'm thinking of starting a new channel at YouTube and if I do,
I'll post the vlogs here too. We'll see what happens (:

For now good bye and I'll see you soon ^.^