March 25, 2009

Wednesday Wishes.

...That is was Spring so I can wear my beautiful red coat, I love my red coat.
But also so I can go out in a skirt or dress without thinking "I'm going to die...".
I am so sick of the snow and the cold !! I want a warm sun and colors around me.

...That I could find the family for me in England already.
I am planning to go away as an Summer Au Pair this Summer and that's the reason.
It's not just to pack your things and be on your way. You have to find the right family.
I have my eyes on England because I love that country as my own, I miss it so much.
So keep your fingers crossed that I'll find the perfect family for me this year...

Those two are my only wishes this week.
Because they are so big they push out all the others.
Especially the second one, please let me find the right one.

March 24, 2009

Grimmjow is coming home.

I got up early this morning determined to win an auction on Tradera.
I fought with all I had and in the end I did win, got it really cheap too.
The object was a 13 cm Grimmjow Figure that I fell for when I first saw it last week.
I worked so hard to save money for it in that short time and I did it !! So very happy !

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is my number one favorite character when it comes to Bleach,
he's my number one around anime. I adore him and it's so hard to get merchandise with him.
But soon my baby will be coming home to me at last and I am so hyper right now haha.

Some people like to buy old things for their home in order to decorate it.
I buy merchandise that's close to my home, like Grimmjow stuff if I can find it.
My most precious merchandise is my Lord Voldemort wand (see picture above)
that I got for Christmas 2007 from my best friend Wookie, I seriously cried lol.
Most things around it is Harry Potter. It's the easiest to get in Sweden and such,
also it is one of my biggest so called obsessions. But the Bleach part is growing fast...
And I got a feeling that I will grow even faster now when I've found that girl on Tradera.
I got a little inside information that she'll probably get Grimmjow and Ulquiorra plushies.

So when the day comes when I show you around my home, by video or pictures, be
ready to see merchandise instead of decoration stuff like books and such ^.^
Not that books and other things is wrong, I found it to be very beautiful as well !!
Only that, I prefer the merchandises over that. Everyone is different.

F is for Family&Friendship.

F is for Family&Friendship

March 20, 2009

Friday Obsessions.

Another from the "Blood Bath"

...Hannibal Series. I've re-watched (almost, I'll get to it) all the Hannibal movies.
I am a huge fan of them and I never get tired of the movies no matter how much I watch them.
I myself prefer the second version of Red Dragon so I haven't seen the first version.
Also I haven't watched Hannibal either because I can't find my DVD. It's breaking my heart.
One thing besides the character Hannibal Lecter I love is the music, so beautiful.

...Bleach as in the anime show. Bleach is my number one anime and has been for years.
I must have my new episode every Wednesday or my whole day is ruined.
I've watched all the episodes with my favorite character Grimmjow along with all of the
episodes with Kenpachi and of course Aizen. Can it please be Wednesday now ?

...My bunny Stampe. I have been so addicted to him this whole week it's scary lol.
He always follow me around and of course I let him when we're alone at home during day.
But this week I've had him in my arms almost the whole time, skipping TV shows so that
I can lay down and cuddle with him. I love my baby boy so damn much.

That's about is for this week.
I've been to busy with those to have more.
Bleach alone took away my whole Thursday.
And Stampe was of course with me then too.

March 19, 2009

Blood Bath.

Yesterday while I was waiting for my bath to get ready I took some new self-portraits. I used my fake blood that I have as you can see.
It became a blood bath because working with fake blood is as very messy business.
Probably the reason why most people choose to have no clothes on while doing that.
If the clothes get stained by the fake blood it's almost impossible to get rid of.
I got a few good ones, one of them is the one above but someone once told me that during a photo shoot a photographer is happy to get 1 out of 200 pictures that's good so yeah.

I've mostly watched old Bleach episodes today, my favorite anime show.
I looooove it !!
When I haven't done that I've spent time with Stampe, he demanded attention like always. But it's my doing since I've spoiled him a lot.
Tomorrow my friend Elenor is coming over and staying the night.
Haven't seen her for ages so I'm looking forward to it.

I've also searched through Flickr (big surprise) after people who seem to know swaps. So I've actually sent a few of them mails over there where I ask how the whole thing works. Hopefully I'll get a reply from at least one, because as you know I really want to start too.

March 18, 2009

Flickr Love.

C is for Cat

C is for Cat

Wednesday Wishes.

...I had a digital system camera. I have an analog system camera and I love it so much. But it would be more fun and easier with a digital.
Most pictures I take with my digital camera, Kodak EasyShare V1003. It's awesome.
But imagine the happiness with a digital system camera. When I finally get one or buy it
I will cry of happiness for sure. I long for that day to come, hopefully it will come soon.

...I had the guts to start with swaps online all over the world. It would be so much fun & I would get things I can't get a hold of in Sweden as well.
But I am to afraid to get tricked, mess up from my side and so on that I don't...
And the part where I have no clue to even get started kind of stands in the way too.

...I had a new computer screen. Yes, mine is very old and it's falling apart.
It will soon stop working and it will break my heart, I will cry because of it to be honest.
My mom has promised me a flat screen...but it never comes 0.0 *cries a little now*
The colors are completley fucked up on this one, very dark, it sometimes stop working.

...That I could travel the world right now. Or just a few places like;
London (I miss London), New York, Paris, Australia, New Zeeland, Tokyo...
I can go on and on writing down all the places of this world I want to visit before I die.

...That I had my own place. Right now I'm living with my parents...
It's frustrating !! Everyone is getting their own place and here I am, stuck back home.
I want my own apartment to decorate. My privacy. I want to have my two cats damn it.

March 17, 2009

It took a few hours longer for me to get back after my bath...
I decided to finally watch Australia, I've wanted to see it for some time now.
That movie is so amazing, I love it so much and I can assure you I will see it again.
The beautiful Nicole Kidman and the very sexy Hugh Jackman completed the movie.
My god Hugh is so sexy in a beard...I thought I would die of him.
In the beginning it was the same thing as always with seeing Hugh Jackman...
I wanted to watch one of the X-men movies just seeing him 2 seconds.
Me and my sister calls it the Wolverine Syndrome. She gets the same craving haha.
Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors and Nicole Kidman one of my favorite actresses.
So it was a good combination as the lead stars in the movie, they look perfect together.
I still want to see an X-men movie, thinking of doing that even if it's over 1 am...

I was to the second hand store today again, same as last times. I found two things.
A bag that I'm going to re-make, so it's my first sewing project...scary but true.
I also found a grey skirt, simple and beautiful. I loved it and since it was my size I bought it.
I'll show you pictures of it and the other clothes I bought last week (doing laundry tomorrow).
I tried to find some buttons for the bag as well (I have the result in my head) but no luck...

Tuesday Loving.

...Cat Power. I discovered her when I saw the movie V for Vendetta since the song
I Found a Reason is in that movie. I looked her up and fell in love with more songs she's
made, I now own all of her cd's. Her song touches my heart and soul, makes me calm.

...My new tights, that's two-colored. I've wanted the black/white ones for a very long time.
But every time I found them, my size was already gone. I finally found them a few days ago.
It made me very happy and now I love them even more then before.

...YouTube. Great site for so many different things. I've found great tutorials for sewing
this last week that's helped me a lot in the learn-to-sew mission I've started.
Also for trailers for the many movies I'm longing to see. And of course the vlogs of awesome
people over there. There's so much that makes me smile on that website.

...Twilight. I love the movie, haven't read the books. The movie is so beautiful and
peaceful somehow. I don't know if it's the music (wonderful) or the whole story.
It's probably a mix of both in the end. Whatever it is I love the movie. Truly amazing.

...These music brushes I found on Obsidian Dawn I fell in love in them at first sight and made this little piece straight after I had them downloaded, I'm pleased with it to be honest.
I'm sure I'll use them many more times. You should check it out, there's much more there.