March 20, 2009

Friday Obsessions.

Another from the "Blood Bath"

...Hannibal Series. I've re-watched (almost, I'll get to it) all the Hannibal movies.
I am a huge fan of them and I never get tired of the movies no matter how much I watch them.
I myself prefer the second version of Red Dragon so I haven't seen the first version.
Also I haven't watched Hannibal either because I can't find my DVD. It's breaking my heart.
One thing besides the character Hannibal Lecter I love is the music, so beautiful.

...Bleach as in the anime show. Bleach is my number one anime and has been for years.
I must have my new episode every Wednesday or my whole day is ruined.
I've watched all the episodes with my favorite character Grimmjow along with all of the
episodes with Kenpachi and of course Aizen. Can it please be Wednesday now ?

...My bunny Stampe. I have been so addicted to him this whole week it's scary lol.
He always follow me around and of course I let him when we're alone at home during day.
But this week I've had him in my arms almost the whole time, skipping TV shows so that
I can lay down and cuddle with him. I love my baby boy so damn much.

That's about is for this week.
I've been to busy with those to have more.
Bleach alone took away my whole Thursday.
And Stampe was of course with me then too.


Anna said...

Läskig men snygg bild :)

keela said...

Ja, tänkte på henne. Men känns svårt med klänning och så, det får inte kosta så mycket :p