March 19, 2009

Blood Bath.

Yesterday while I was waiting for my bath to get ready I took some new self-portraits. I used my fake blood that I have as you can see.
It became a blood bath because working with fake blood is as very messy business.
Probably the reason why most people choose to have no clothes on while doing that.
If the clothes get stained by the fake blood it's almost impossible to get rid of.
I got a few good ones, one of them is the one above but someone once told me that during a photo shoot a photographer is happy to get 1 out of 200 pictures that's good so yeah.

I've mostly watched old Bleach episodes today, my favorite anime show.
I looooove it !!
When I haven't done that I've spent time with Stampe, he demanded attention like always. But it's my doing since I've spoiled him a lot.
Tomorrow my friend Elenor is coming over and staying the night.
Haven't seen her for ages so I'm looking forward to it.

I've also searched through Flickr (big surprise) after people who seem to know swaps. So I've actually sent a few of them mails over there where I ask how the whole thing works. Hopefully I'll get a reply from at least one, because as you know I really want to start too.

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