November 11, 2008

Hi (:

My Saturday was great just like i thought it would be (:
I ate delicious dinner at my sisters place and had such a great
time at Rosas place :D We played Singstar for like 3 hours o.0
I also slept over at my sisters place so I came home on Sunday (:
The picture above is of me and my sister at her place ^.^

I haven't done that much today, woke up with a headache.
When that finally gave up I watched the new episode of
Heroes and Gossip Girl (: It was great, as always.
It's been raining since yesterday so not that fun going outside o.o
Hopefully it will stop until tomorrow...
In order to be random I'll say; I'm turning 21 on Thursday.
Where the hell did the time go ?! D:
Feels like I was 16 like yesterday and now I'm turning 21 o.0

Well, it's TV time for me so got to go before I miss the beginning (:

Stupid People.

Okay. One thing I don't get is
People complaining on scene kids
(or whatever the hell they're called o.o)
when they look like one them self o.0
I mean...dude if you're going to complain on how
someone dresses and stuff make sure you don't look the same
BEFORE you make the damn video or something xD
It just makes you look stupid.
Because in the end you're sitting there, hating and complaining
on not just those people but also yourself...which is pretty damn stupid.
Because it's annoying and once again...STUPID !! xD

I'm not saying that I hate scene kids or anything.
I think their hairstyle is pure awesomeness and their clothes are gorgeous.
I don't hate any so called style.
Do you like it, go for it and be happy o.0

November 08, 2008

My Saturday (:

Old picture FTW !! xD

I think I will like my Saturday (:
I'm eating dinner at my sisters place,
means I get to meet the kitty cats :*
After she and me are going to Rosa where we are having
a girls night. With wine and Singstar =^.^=
I'm also spending the night at my sisters since Rosa and her
live close to each other and I...well I don't lol.
So that means I get two kitty cats in my arms while sleeping :D
Lillan and Ronny, my sisters cats (:
It just looks like Lillan is trying to kill Ronny lol.
They're playing of course ;)

November 05, 2008

Peter Petrelli Wallpaper.

(Click on the image for bigger size)
Another Heroes wallpaper ^.^
This time Peter Petrelli got the honor :D
Milo is one hot dude people xD

My day (:

My day so far (:
I got up around 10 am when Wookie called me,
he had a doctor appointment so he dropped by my place after.
We drank some coffee, talked a bit and ate lunch before he left (:
It was nice with some company in the middle of the week lol
I'm not used to that since everyone in my life work a lot xD

After he left, which was around 1 pm I finally got to watch
the new episode of my favorite anime Bleach :D
It was awesome love like always :* !!

I've designed stuff a lot today.
Business cards, layouts and loads of other things.
Then I've started to fix my book shell ^.^
Trying to get all of my collector things to fit in there,
which isn't going that well to be honest .___.
But I'll figure something out so I'm not worried :)

My sister and her boyfriend is coming here soon
to eat dinner and stuff like that ^.^
Which is good because I need to have a bit of
business talk with my sister haha xD

As an end to this post I would like to thank
Wookie for the 2 l coca-cola he bought me (:
It was frigging awesome happiness dude, I love you.

November 04, 2008

A Piece of Sylar <3

(Click on the picture for larger size)
Made a Sylar (Heroes) wallpaper the other day (:
I'm really happy with how it turned out ^.^

Holy crap o.0

Yeah, so I just went through all of my posters o.o
It took me like 2-3 hours !! D:
Don't think I found them all, a few are missing...
Unless I've given them away and don't remember it lol.
I picked out a few ones that's going up in my room :D
Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings & Van Helsing so far ;)
I really want my huge Harry Potter poster up and I thought
"Hey, I can put it up on my wardrobe !!"
But the poster was like 50 cm to wide xD
(It's like 2 meters wide if not more...)
So yeah...big ass Harry Potter poster and my precious baby hehe.

Well, time to get the lovely things up (:

November 02, 2008

Good morning (:

The time is almost 8 am and I'm already up hehe :P
Today my sister is opening her hair saloon with her friend ^.^
I'm so fucking proud of her !!
So I'm going to earn some cash by giving people flyers down town.
It's cold so I'll take my winter jacket today (:
Yes, winter is already here o.o lol

After that I'm doing some shopping, woot woot !!

November 01, 2008

And off I go (:

I know my aunt looks funny in the picture lol. But I still love this picture of us (: <3
I got a headache before so I crash landed in my bed
after I returned the rented movies lol.
I've just eaten dinner, cuddled with Stampe
Stampe is my lionheaded bunny for you who don't know ;)
and now I'm drinking coffee before I'm off o.o
My parents are already at my aunt and uncle,
so I'm going there soon since my headache gone ^.^
As soon as I get Stampe into his cage that is xD

This is my beautiful baby boy Stampe.
He's named after the rabbit in Bambi.
Stampe is Swedish for Thumper lol.
I love him more then anything in the whole world =^.^=

Time to...

Time to get dressed and pretty.
Well cute in my case lol.
Think I'll wear a school girl outfit today (:
I have a few to choose between haha xD

Then I'm taking the bus down town, so I can return the movies.
Later, around 4 pm, I'm going to my aunt and uncle.
We're invited to dinner so yeah, that's my Saturday for you o.o

I'll probably blog spam this place later tonight when I'm home again lol (:

Good Morning !!

Hm, I slept longer then planned today as well o.0 haha
It's almost 10.30 am and I got up like 10 minutes ago.
Ugh, I'm not a morning person .___.
Apparently my aunt called before and wanted me to call her.
Something with needing help with their computer...
I'm going to drink my coffee then I'll call her, I need to wake up first xD

I also have to remember to return some rented movies today.
And I want to go shopping but I don't have any money :(
Oh well. Another day in boring land I suppose :D

Now I'm going to drink my coffee and watch something (: