November 05, 2008

My day (:

My day so far (:
I got up around 10 am when Wookie called me,
he had a doctor appointment so he dropped by my place after.
We drank some coffee, talked a bit and ate lunch before he left (:
It was nice with some company in the middle of the week lol
I'm not used to that since everyone in my life work a lot xD

After he left, which was around 1 pm I finally got to watch
the new episode of my favorite anime Bleach :D
It was awesome love like always :* !!

I've designed stuff a lot today.
Business cards, layouts and loads of other things.
Then I've started to fix my book shell ^.^
Trying to get all of my collector things to fit in there,
which isn't going that well to be honest .___.
But I'll figure something out so I'm not worried :)

My sister and her boyfriend is coming here soon
to eat dinner and stuff like that ^.^
Which is good because I need to have a bit of
business talk with my sister haha xD

As an end to this post I would like to thank
Wookie for the 2 l coca-cola he bought me (:
It was frigging awesome happiness dude, I love you.

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