January 26, 2009

Lillan & Ronny, Jan 26th 2009.

...5 pictures from today...

I spent my day at my sister place looking after
my adorable kitty cats Lillan and Ronny.
I'm going back tomorrow (:

January 23, 2009

Mára aurë (:

I got up around 10 am today.
After the phone had rung like a million times.
I still don't know who it was...(?)

I spent my night watching all The Lord of The Rings movies.
So yeah, I'm really tired today to be honest xD
I'd forgotten how emotional those movies make me,
I break into tears at the wrong places for sure haha.

Today I'm meeting my sister (:
I'm going to be at her work around 4 pm,
then we're going to take a walk ^.^
I love her so much, she's my personal star :3

I've started to learn elvish once again (Quenya).
I used to be really kick ass on it but lost interest.
But I caught it right back up again a few days ago.
Pedich Edhellen?

It's mostly to have something to do when I'm restless.
But it's also a lot of fun and very interesting :D

Nai haryuvalyë melwa rë.

January 20, 2009

January 20 2009.

Today I'm spending some time with my sister (:
We're going to take a coffee down town ^^
Then we're coming home to me.

It's raining outside, it's disgusting !!
I wished the snow away and got rain .__.
Can I please take my wish back...?

I'm updating some stuff over at my deviantART
since my photography and photoshopping is
pretty much gone right now, bluah.
I've stopped doing pretty much everything I love doing.
Depression is a bitch.

I'm going to try and squeeze some inspiration out of me
and get a new layout for this blog, it's about time.

January 15, 2009

January 11, 2009

33 Icons (:

See Rest of The Icons Over Here.
(Stock, Bleach, Supernatural & Heroes)

Sunday Jan 11th 2009.

Today is Sunday, which means relaxing for most people.
But I have loads and energy, so far it's a good day.
So I'm trying to get my best friend Wookie here.
So that I can buy him coffee and then force him
to drive me to Ö&B. Keep your fingers crossed.

The biggest company source this week has been from Stampe.
So I'm in need for some human company haha.
Speaking of Stampe. My mom found our version of Bambi
yesterday and cuddled it because of the picture of Thumper.
Stampe means Thumper in swedish, so he's named after him.
And people wonder where my weirdness comes from?
Seriously, it's pretty obvious for sure.

January 09, 2009

13 Icons.

See the rest over here

Yay, I've started making icons again :D

January 08, 2009

January 07, 2009

Dream Away.

(click on the picture for bigger size)
See more of my work at deviantART.

January 06, 2009

Inspiration. (2)


All The Pictures Was Found At;

They Love Me, They Love Me Not...

...They Love Me, They Love Me Not...

I'm having one of my bad days today, it sucks.
I just want to go back to bed and sleep.
It sucks. I'm so sick of this mess called my life.
I hate myself a bit for accepting it for what it is.
I hate that I'm not selfish enough to end this shitty life.
I never will end it, suicide is selfish and I'm not selfish !!
I will fight until I die a natural death. For them, it's all for them.

I'm going to isolate myself from the world today.
It usually helps even if it shouldn't.
Because during that time in solitude everything
just feels so amazing and bright, I feel happy.
Because I don't have to worry that they'll see how I
really feel about my life, myself and so many other thing.
I don't have to worry about breaking
down in tears in front of someone.
I don't have to smile a fake smile, it hurts so much inside doing that.
I love my solitude, I need it to survive.

January 05, 2009

A New DVD Player.

Christmas year 2007 my sister and her boyfriend
got a DVD player with a USB port from my parents.
My dad promised me I would get one too when mine broke.

Mine broke the day before yesterday so I "stole"
my parents DVD player from the living room
because I have to watch at least one movie every day.
Yesterday my dad asked what my demands was on a new one.
I told him as long as it has a USB port I'm fine.
I got one today and I'm so happy :D
I know, I am very spoiled.
Thank you daddy !!

In This Hole.

Taken January 19th 2008 by John.

I feel so down today, I have no idea why.
I just want to hide from the world and cry all day long.
Even if I have accepted that this is how my life is,
there this is a part of who I am it's still a hard life.
But it is my life and I'll do what I can with it.

Today I have to bring bang some rented movies.
So I'm bringing my camera with me to photograph.
No, still haven't photographed like I've said for days lol.
I'm also going to ask my mum if she can give me money
for a delicious coffee and something goody as well.
I like taking a coffee alone, just watching people.
Or read a magazine while drinking it.

Hopefully it will help me clear my overfilled mind
and make me feel less sad and angry.

I'm almost done with my new layout over at
Kitten Neverland
So that means a new layout here soon.


Credit goes to The Cherry Blossom Girl.
A Blog I started to follow a few weeks ago, I adore it.
Looking at her pictures makes my inspiration go wild.
I recommend it from the bottom of my heart (:

January 04, 2009


Ooh, Solitude,
Forever me and forever you
Ooh, Solitude,
Only you, only true

(Evanescence - Solitude)

Not that much is happening today.
Just going to have a calm day filled with inspiration.
It's Sunday after all and on Sunday you relax :D
I am going to take a walk soon out in the snow,
the sun is out and it's very beautiful out there right now.
I love walking around in the winter sun, it's lovely.
Seems like that Cat Power and Evanescence will be
my so called choice of music for the day.
I've had the Twilight soundtracks as my music
for a very long time now, since I first saw the movie.

I like my solitude, I need my solitude.
I chose to be that kind of person because
that's the way I want my life mostly.
It's nothing wrong with that, right ?

January 03, 2009



Holy crap dude o.0

The picture is not taken today.
It was taken year 2006 when we had a very hard winter.
Think it was the coldest winter in like 15 years o.0

See more of them at my deviantART.

It's snowing like hell outside, a lot has already come down
and a lot is still falling down towards the ground.
Right now it's Yay vs Euw for me haha.
Yay because it means new winter photography.
Euw because it means it's about to get even colder...
But it's nice, I can crawl up with a cup of tea wrapped in
a blanket later while watching the snow silently fall ^.^

Today I'm continuing with my room since I was
hardly home yesterday I didn't get to it.
Besides that not much is happening really o.0
Mostly because I'm not in the mood, so that's that.

I also am going to try and get a new layout for this blog
and of course my Swedish blog, hopefully today.
At least a new "info" thing to the right
since I'm not 20 anymore haha ;)

January 02, 2009

She was so beautiful...

I had just seen Twilight when I edited this picture,
can you tell just by looking at it? haha

I never got to continue with my room today.
After I had my lunch me and my dad went to
the pet store in order to buy food for Stampe and Hades.
They had the most adorable little bunny baby there !!
She was so little (about 9 weeks old) and fluffy,
and the color was so beautiful. I want her so much.
But we can't have another bunny, Stampe would
torture the poor thing and then murder her...

After that we checked out some other stores all around
our "little" town, it's not that little but it feels like it.
I got two new DVDs, Hannibal and Twelve Monkeys.
I love the Hannibal series and Bruce Willis, who's
the lead role in Twelve Monkeys, I'm a huge fan of him.

My latest obsession online is wikiHow.
It's such a great site, I love it xD
I'm on there like the whole time when I'm at
the computer haha. Just reading and reading.