January 03, 2009

Holy crap dude o.0

The picture is not taken today.
It was taken year 2006 when we had a very hard winter.
Think it was the coldest winter in like 15 years o.0

See more of them at my deviantART.

It's snowing like hell outside, a lot has already come down
and a lot is still falling down towards the ground.
Right now it's Yay vs Euw for me haha.
Yay because it means new winter photography.
Euw because it means it's about to get even colder...
But it's nice, I can crawl up with a cup of tea wrapped in
a blanket later while watching the snow silently fall ^.^

Today I'm continuing with my room since I was
hardly home yesterday I didn't get to it.
Besides that not much is happening really o.0
Mostly because I'm not in the mood, so that's that.

I also am going to try and get a new layout for this blog
and of course my Swedish blog, hopefully today.
At least a new "info" thing to the right
since I'm not 20 anymore haha ;)

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