July 31, 2009

Solitude, My Dearest Friend.

[Music: Howard Shore - When Ginny Kissed Harry]
[Mood: Restless]

Two more from this session.

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Rainy Days

Rainy Summer
Rainy Summer

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July 30, 2009

Stockholm. New Hair.

I had a great time in Stockholm yesterday !!
I found a new bra and a cute top (see picture further down)
I'm very tired today after yesterday but it was of course, worth it.

My parents went to Helsinki today and are coming home on Saturday.
So I have the place to myself until then, probably longer since it seems
like they're going to the summer place the same day they come home.
I am used to it, I am home most of the Summer and I like it that way.

My sister called right after I had waved them good bye telling me to
get down to the hair saloon (she is a hairdresser) so she could fix my hair.
I of course happily skipped down in need of a hair cut and some new color.

Even if I look cranky in the after photo as well I am very happy with my new hair !!
I'm just so very tired today since the week has been early mornings
and lots of activity...I'm not used to it but am trying to adjust until school starts.

I bought lots of candy afterward so I'm going to watch a movie or two now :)

♥Hayden Panettiere♥

Two blends with the beauitful Hayden Panettiere.
I love working with her in photoshop, she's so amazingly beautiful

Click on them for actual size

July 28, 2009

Miniature Horses ♥

This was the first time I ever photographed horses.
They're taken on Midsummer, this year.
Miniature Horses
Miniature Horses
Miniature Horses
Miniature Horses

July 27, 2009

How To Make Eyes "Pop"

Please note that this is my very first tutorial I've done.
So I am sorry if some things are a bit confusing...
If you have any questions, just ask in a comment.

The letter in () are the shortcut to the tool needed.
I'm using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.
But it should be pretty much the same in every Photoshop, even CS.

Choose the picture you want.
Now zoom in on the eyes, either using the zoom tool (z) or hit ctrl+.

Choose the Lasso Tool, make sure it's set on Magnetic Lasso Tool.
You just right click on the Lasso Tool and choose Magnetic.

Once you have the Magnetic Lasso Tool chosen make sure it's
set on Add To Selection and that Feather is on 5px.

Now it's time to select those eyes in order to make them "pop" later !!
By choosing the setting Add to selection you can mark the other eye
without un-marking the first one you marked
Just make a start point at the outline of the iris and then you follow it.

Don't worry if it doesn't become perfect with the selection,
we're going to take care of that in step four.

Hm, that doesn't look good, now does it ? Not to worry !!
Choose the Selection Brush Tool (A) and just fix it.

Now when you have the eyes selected you're going to copy them
and make a new layer with that copy.
Just hit ctrl+c and then ctrl+v.
Tips; Have the Move Tool (V) selected when doing this.

You should now have a new layer, being the eyes alone.

Go to Filter Meny -> Other -> Highpass

I personally prefer to have it set on 20 pixels.
But you can of course try your way forward to see what you want.

Looks a bit... bad right now.
This is where you make the Eyes layer set on Soft Light.

And you're done !!

If you are thinking "Hm, it doesn't look any diffirent..."
Just hide the eye layer and have a look. You can do this
by clicking on the "eye" to the left of the layer.

Hope it helped and have fun making those eye "pop" !! ^^

A Piece of Paris.

Today I got up around 6AM because my baby Stampe was going
to the veterinary. Not to worry, his claws was just going to be trimmed.
Since he refuse me to do it, we go there about once/month.

After we got home and he'd calmed down my dad took me and mom
out for a ride. We went to several places, one being a thrift store.

I found ribbons, a piece of Paris (wanted one forever) & a money pouch,
at that thrift store. I wish I'd had the camera with me because it was in
the middle of no where, with beautiful nature all around. So very lovely.

I also found the most adorable pencil pouch (?) and a shirt with a unicorn on, I love unicorns.
Other then that I found (100) hairpins and a pair of white overknee socks.
I am so tired right now I could fall asleep right here. It's only 7PM haha.
I had a very nice day so I don't mind. I am actually going to Stockholm on
Wednesday with my mom, my aunt and my sister...to do some serious shopping.

Don't worry about the category part of the meny, it will fill out as we go.

July 26, 2009

The Brown Eyed Girl.

I took new self-portraits the other day and I am happy with them.
Baby Face
My Choice of Poison

My personal favorites is the first one and the last one.
What I like most about them is that they are showing me, a lot.

More on Flickr.

The new layout will soon be done, as well as the header.

July 25, 2009

A new start on the way.

Hello dearies !!
I know I have seemed to be dead, but I am not.
I haven't had the inspiration to write in this blog lately to be honest.
But I feel like returning now. To make a new start since all of my friends
do not know Swedish, most of them don't actually.

A new layout will soon be up along with new categories.
I just have to see Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince a 3rd time first.
And along with all of that I will start posting tutorials on random things.
Such as; Photography (along with editing), Photoshop, Craft and more.

I will not put the previous post in the new categories, it is to much work.
I might to in on a boring rainy day later on. We just have to wait and see.

I got into the school I applied to, starting August 17th.
I am very happy about it, looking forward to it as well!

Well, I'll see you when we have a new start lovelies :)