July 27, 2009

A Piece of Paris.

Today I got up around 6AM because my baby Stampe was going
to the veterinary. Not to worry, his claws was just going to be trimmed.
Since he refuse me to do it, we go there about once/month.

After we got home and he'd calmed down my dad took me and mom
out for a ride. We went to several places, one being a thrift store.

I found ribbons, a piece of Paris (wanted one forever) & a money pouch,
at that thrift store. I wish I'd had the camera with me because it was in
the middle of no where, with beautiful nature all around. So very lovely.

I also found the most adorable pencil pouch (?) and a shirt with a unicorn on, I love unicorns.
Other then that I found (100) hairpins and a pair of white overknee socks.
I am so tired right now I could fall asleep right here. It's only 7PM haha.
I had a very nice day so I don't mind. I am actually going to Stockholm on
Wednesday with my mom, my aunt and my sister...to do some serious shopping.

Don't worry about the category part of the meny, it will fill out as we go.

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