April 30, 2009

The Kings And Queens Of Old.

Yesterday on my daily walk, which is great with Spring, I
ended up in the forest where I used to play as a little girl.
I sat down on a bench and tied pretty bows from ribbons I
had lying in my bag. I love my polka dot ribbon, it's adorable

While tying ribbons I listened to The Narnia soundtracks and
thought about the days I used to run around and play in the
very same forest. Batman-games where Batman loved me and
not Catwoman, how The Joker was after me because he was evil.
I also used to play I had a castle in the mountains there with my
very own unicorn instead of a horse. Children's fantasy are amazing.

Taken Sunday when I played around in the forest with Elenor.
You all know how much I adore Harry Potter by now
That was also my outfit for the day (minus the wand hehe)

Today it is Walpurgis. Swedish tradition to welcome the Spring.
We pretty much get drunk, make a big fire and celebrate it.
I myself do not drink alcohol so I'm staying home tonight. I'm
going to watch movies and eat loads of candy, spend time with
my dad as well who is home the whole night, by the look of things.

I don't mind it, I just don't feel being around very drunk people
when I'm 100 % sober myself. I'm allergic to alcohol you see...
I'll look forward to Saturday instead. I'm finally seeing Wolverine then.

April 26, 2009


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A Bridge Filled With Candy.

My sisters cat Ronny. He is so beautiful and adorable.

Yesterday I went to my sisters place. We also went to Candy Bridge
before we drove over to her place. It is what it sounds like. A bridge
filled with delicious candy. I bought a lot of candy and it will take me
weeks to eat it all. I might have to share with the people I meet lol.

We ate tacos for dinner, I love tacos. After that we watched the movie
"Dark Floors". A really bad horror movie that I will never see again.
It's so hard to find a good horror movie, even harder to find a horror
movie that actually scare you. It's frustrating since I love horror movies.

Today I wont do that much. My allergies is really bad today and I have
hardly any strength because of it. I'll make some hair bows, maybe a
necklace as well and just listen to good music. Regina Spektor & Cat Power.

April 24, 2009

Pretty Bows & Silent Notes.

I know I haven't been around when it comes to the blog, I do have a reason.
I don't want my english blog to be about my depression and things around it.
And then there's the Spring. The lovely Spring that I've longed for is here !!
The weather is amazing and it's warm outside. I have to take long walks now,
I have to lay down in the grass while dreaming away to Neverland or Narnia.
So that's another reason it has been silent in the blog...But it is what it is.

I've quit smoking. Which is shocking both to me and those around me.
I've smoked for about 10 years and a few days ago I just got tired of it.
I threw my cigarettes in the toilet and flushed it, haven't bought any new
ones either. I have on the other hand taken like two from my dad at night.
But that's two cigarettes in 4 days !! I'm used to 20 cigarettes / day...
So yes, I am proud of myself and hoping it will continue on going this well.
I'm already noticing how much money I'll save thanks to this.

At the moment I'm having my first cup of coffee for today while planning
on how to get money until tomorrow. I'm craving to go treasure hunting.
With other words, go to Second Hand stores all day long until I'm going to
my sisters place. We're having movie night tomorrow, probably spending
the night as well. It will be loads of fun. Oh well, I'll see what happens with
the money finding thing hehe. Hope you're having great weather, like me !!

April 13, 2009

Sleepy Hollow Blend.

I still got it =^.^=

The last 1-2 weeks I've been listening to the Sleepy Hollow soundtrack a lot.
I adore Danny Elfman, I adore Tim Burton and Sleepy Hollow is one of my
favorite movies through time, I love it so much. So I made a blend today.
I am so pleased with it and it is the first time that happens for a very long time,
since my inspiration when it comes to Photoshop is pretty much stuck.

But I still got it and it does mean the world to me to be honest.
Hopefully I can manage to break some inspiration free again soon.

April 12, 2009

Style. Allergies. Sisters.

What I wore, Friday April 10th.
Leather Jacket. Comic Hoodie. Wolverine T-shirt.
Green Shorts. 2-colored tights. Waist-Belt. Pretty Shoes.

Themes; The Joker, X-men & Batman.

My style is very random. I can go from goth to innocent girl in 24 hours.
Probably because I don't have a so called style. I wear what I want, when I want.
Last Friday I wanted something comfortable but comic-related...It became random.
The Joker on half the body, Wolverine on the middle and the head became Batman.
Most people don't see it until I tell them what the days theme is, some do know...

It's Easter and most people would probably write what they've done to celebrate.
But since my family doesn't do that not much has happened for me this Easter.
My mother has bad memories from when she was a child during Easter so we
never celebrated it while growing up (me & my sister). But I don't mind really.
I didn't like candy as a child so I preferred getting earrings like we did instead.

My allergies has started to make it self known. I hate it so much, it's frustrating !!
I've never had problems in my whole life but last year I got the allergies-hit haha.
And this year it's starting earlier and worse than last year...The things that makes
the whole thing worse is that I don't have my medicine for it yet...
I can get it on Tuesday. I need them now because I am not in shape what so ever.

My sister called me earlier today, asking if I wanted to do something with her and
her boyfriend later today. We decided to buy lots of candy and watch a bunch of movies.
I want to so much (I also said yes) but right now my body is screaming at me.
It's screaming because it's exhausted already from the allergies, I suppose it's that.
We'll see what happens. I have about 2 hours to feel if I can manage the whole thing.

April 05, 2009

Orla Kiely ♥

Since I'm lacking the inspiration to write
right now, it happens sometimes.
I'll post these lovely clothes from Orla Kiely.
I LOVE the clothes & everything else.
If I could I would buy one of each.

April 04, 2009

Stumbling Around in My Solitude.

This is what I have on today.

Wow, I haven't posted here for some time now. The Spring has finally arrived
so I've been caught up in that to be honest. Enjoying the sun and the warm weather.
You hardly need a jacket on during the days anymore. I'm so shocked by it haha.
One day it was snow and freezing cold. Then I woke up the next day & hello Spring !!

Today it's my grandmothers birthday, also my sisters boyfriend is getting older today.
So right now I'm waiting for it to be time to leave to go to my sisters place. Yaaay !!

My Grimmjow Figure has of course arrived already, over a week ago actually.
And I can tell you that I'm even more in love with it now when I have it at home.
Every time I look to my left from here I see him and I just shine of happiness.
It's amazing what so called small things can do. I love that about "obsessions".

Well, I'm going to go back to listening to Cat Power while waiting for it to be time to
leave and take a long walk over to my sister. I might post again today, we'll see.