April 26, 2009

A Bridge Filled With Candy.

My sisters cat Ronny. He is so beautiful and adorable.

Yesterday I went to my sisters place. We also went to Candy Bridge
before we drove over to her place. It is what it sounds like. A bridge
filled with delicious candy. I bought a lot of candy and it will take me
weeks to eat it all. I might have to share with the people I meet lol.

We ate tacos for dinner, I love tacos. After that we watched the movie
"Dark Floors". A really bad horror movie that I will never see again.
It's so hard to find a good horror movie, even harder to find a horror
movie that actually scare you. It's frustrating since I love horror movies.

Today I wont do that much. My allergies is really bad today and I have
hardly any strength because of it. I'll make some hair bows, maybe a
necklace as well and just listen to good music. Regina Spektor & Cat Power.

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