April 24, 2009

Pretty Bows & Silent Notes.

I know I haven't been around when it comes to the blog, I do have a reason.
I don't want my english blog to be about my depression and things around it.
And then there's the Spring. The lovely Spring that I've longed for is here !!
The weather is amazing and it's warm outside. I have to take long walks now,
I have to lay down in the grass while dreaming away to Neverland or Narnia.
So that's another reason it has been silent in the blog...But it is what it is.

I've quit smoking. Which is shocking both to me and those around me.
I've smoked for about 10 years and a few days ago I just got tired of it.
I threw my cigarettes in the toilet and flushed it, haven't bought any new
ones either. I have on the other hand taken like two from my dad at night.
But that's two cigarettes in 4 days !! I'm used to 20 cigarettes / day...
So yes, I am proud of myself and hoping it will continue on going this well.
I'm already noticing how much money I'll save thanks to this.

At the moment I'm having my first cup of coffee for today while planning
on how to get money until tomorrow. I'm craving to go treasure hunting.
With other words, go to Second Hand stores all day long until I'm going to
my sisters place. We're having movie night tomorrow, probably spending
the night as well. It will be loads of fun. Oh well, I'll see what happens with
the money finding thing hehe. Hope you're having great weather, like me !!

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woa said...

Wow, vad häftig presentationsbild du har! Imponerad!