May 28, 2009

♥ Makes My Inside Purr ♥

Bows. On Clothes, in my hair, draw them, make them, buy them.
On Jewelery, in graphics, the word...But you probably knew that one.

Thrifting. I had this hobby when I was much younger but I lost
it on the way some how. It's back and I didn't realize until now just
how much I've missed it, it was a lot.
Finding something precious to you for almost no money.
That is happiness my friends, so much happiness.

Movienights. Night when you just eat snacks & candy.
Drink coca-cola or something other yummy while watching a movie
that makes your heart go boom boom. It's lovely according to me.

Craft. Make a jewelery, sew something (I've learned!! :D), make a
card for someone special on their special day. Re-make something ugly
into something pretty and cute.
Buy new supplies and decorations is lovely as well, don't you think? ^^

Tradera. A Swedish auction site where I make many business. I love
the thrill to make bids and even more to win something I really really want.
To sell what I do not want to someone who really wants it, and make some money.

Blogs. To find a blog where it's love at first sight is something special.
A great start for a good day is a cup of coffee while reading the blogs you follow.
It's also a great way to end your day before going to sleep. I love finding new blogs.

Apologies & Thrifting.

I'm sorry that I haven't written anything for quite some time now.
The reason is that I haven't had anything to write about, it would
have been about rants and such. So I decided to let it rest until I had
something to write about. I don't want this blog to be filled with things
that isn't something to write about, or about my depression...

I thought I would show you my latest finds from the local Thrift Store.
I've started to visit it at least once every week, mostly two.

The Prettiest little pink tin/can (?) I adore it.

A lovely green bow tie I'm going to make into a hair clip.

A pretty yellow bow hair clip. It's much prettier IRL.

Another bow hair clip. I love it, I love that color

Golden buttons with anchors on them. I've looked after buttons
like these for I don't know how long. And there they where
Also bought a tray with strawberries on it.

I hope that you all are well and having the same great weather that I have

May 07, 2009

♥ Redhead ♥

Today I went to my sister who was bored at work.
We lightened up my hair (that was very dark mostly).
I was Spike blond for about 10 min in some places.

Then we put in the new hair dye. Waited until it was done.
I also got my eyebrows fixed and dyed :)

Rosa (Pink) was bored as well, she made her hair curly & pretty.

And then I was a redhead again I am in love with it, so happy.
My sister also cut it just a little to make it easier to fix, that is love.

I love red hair. I love having red hair. It makes me so happy

May 04, 2009

Fairytale Forest.

Today I had a meeting again with my psychologist. It was...nice.
We have a plan on how to handle my depression this time and how
to make me learn to handle it in the future. It feels good knowing she
will still be there helping me after the Summer when I start school again.

I bought a black&white polkadot ribbon today and I love it so much.
They had the same one but in a pink background, also a brown one.
I'm thinking about to buy at least the pink&white ribbon, it was so cute.

When I came home a few hours later I grabbed my camera and took
a long nice walk. I ended up in a forest, as I always do. I love Spring
so much, it's so magical in a strange but normal way. That made no sense...
The photograph above is my favorite one from all the ones I took today.

I am uploading 100 pictures right now that I'm going to order prints of.
During the time I'm drinking my coffee and surfing around on Flickr.