May 28, 2009

♥ Makes My Inside Purr ♥

Bows. On Clothes, in my hair, draw them, make them, buy them.
On Jewelery, in graphics, the word...But you probably knew that one.

Thrifting. I had this hobby when I was much younger but I lost
it on the way some how. It's back and I didn't realize until now just
how much I've missed it, it was a lot.
Finding something precious to you for almost no money.
That is happiness my friends, so much happiness.

Movienights. Night when you just eat snacks & candy.
Drink coca-cola or something other yummy while watching a movie
that makes your heart go boom boom. It's lovely according to me.

Craft. Make a jewelery, sew something (I've learned!! :D), make a
card for someone special on their special day. Re-make something ugly
into something pretty and cute.
Buy new supplies and decorations is lovely as well, don't you think? ^^

Tradera. A Swedish auction site where I make many business. I love
the thrill to make bids and even more to win something I really really want.
To sell what I do not want to someone who really wants it, and make some money.

Blogs. To find a blog where it's love at first sight is something special.
A great start for a good day is a cup of coffee while reading the blogs you follow.
It's also a great way to end your day before going to sleep. I love finding new blogs.

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

I'm having a bog bow thing at the moment too :)