June 07, 2009

Canon Powershot SX10 IS. Photo Blog.

The day before yesterday my father bought a new camera.
It's a Canon Powershot SX10 IS (!) and I am very very happy.
I, being his very spoiled daughter, can of course borrow it any time.

This is just a little preview, they are un-edited.

The reason I'm just posting a preview is because I will not edit or
create things in photoshop until I have a new computer screen.
My current computer screen is crap. What looks brilliant on mine,
looks crap on yours. Because yours obviously work when it comes
to colors and brightness (+other things). There for I will put those
things on hold. Cross your fingers that a new computer screen comes soon.

Speaking of photography. I have a Photo Blog over at Livejournal now.
I created a community, LaylaBlackIcons, where I post my icons while
I use my main account Layla_Black as a Photo Blog now. Loving it too.

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A Peoples' Photographer said...

You have some nice photos here! I am glad I bumped into you.