July 25, 2009

A new start on the way.

Hello dearies !!
I know I have seemed to be dead, but I am not.
I haven't had the inspiration to write in this blog lately to be honest.
But I feel like returning now. To make a new start since all of my friends
do not know Swedish, most of them don't actually.

A new layout will soon be up along with new categories.
I just have to see Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince a 3rd time first.
And along with all of that I will start posting tutorials on random things.
Such as; Photography (along with editing), Photoshop, Craft and more.

I will not put the previous post in the new categories, it is to much work.
I might to in on a boring rainy day later on. We just have to wait and see.

I got into the school I applied to, starting August 17th.
I am very happy about it, looking forward to it as well!

Well, I'll see you when we have a new start lovelies :)

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