April 12, 2009

Style. Allergies. Sisters.

What I wore, Friday April 10th.
Leather Jacket. Comic Hoodie. Wolverine T-shirt.
Green Shorts. 2-colored tights. Waist-Belt. Pretty Shoes.

Themes; The Joker, X-men & Batman.

My style is very random. I can go from goth to innocent girl in 24 hours.
Probably because I don't have a so called style. I wear what I want, when I want.
Last Friday I wanted something comfortable but comic-related...It became random.
The Joker on half the body, Wolverine on the middle and the head became Batman.
Most people don't see it until I tell them what the days theme is, some do know...

It's Easter and most people would probably write what they've done to celebrate.
But since my family doesn't do that not much has happened for me this Easter.
My mother has bad memories from when she was a child during Easter so we
never celebrated it while growing up (me & my sister). But I don't mind really.
I didn't like candy as a child so I preferred getting earrings like we did instead.

My allergies has started to make it self known. I hate it so much, it's frustrating !!
I've never had problems in my whole life but last year I got the allergies-hit haha.
And this year it's starting earlier and worse than last year...The things that makes
the whole thing worse is that I don't have my medicine for it yet...
I can get it on Tuesday. I need them now because I am not in shape what so ever.

My sister called me earlier today, asking if I wanted to do something with her and
her boyfriend later today. We decided to buy lots of candy and watch a bunch of movies.
I want to so much (I also said yes) but right now my body is screaming at me.
It's screaming because it's exhausted already from the allergies, I suppose it's that.
We'll see what happens. I have about 2 hours to feel if I can manage the whole thing.

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