July 30, 2009

Stockholm. New Hair.

I had a great time in Stockholm yesterday !!
I found a new bra and a cute top (see picture further down)
I'm very tired today after yesterday but it was of course, worth it.

My parents went to Helsinki today and are coming home on Saturday.
So I have the place to myself until then, probably longer since it seems
like they're going to the summer place the same day they come home.
I am used to it, I am home most of the Summer and I like it that way.

My sister called right after I had waved them good bye telling me to
get down to the hair saloon (she is a hairdresser) so she could fix my hair.
I of course happily skipped down in need of a hair cut and some new color.

Even if I look cranky in the after photo as well I am very happy with my new hair !!
I'm just so very tired today since the week has been early mornings
and lots of activity...I'm not used to it but am trying to adjust until school starts.

I bought lots of candy afterward so I'm going to watch a movie or two now :)

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