January 02, 2009

She was so beautiful...

I had just seen Twilight when I edited this picture,
can you tell just by looking at it? haha

I never got to continue with my room today.
After I had my lunch me and my dad went to
the pet store in order to buy food for Stampe and Hades.
They had the most adorable little bunny baby there !!
She was so little (about 9 weeks old) and fluffy,
and the color was so beautiful. I want her so much.
But we can't have another bunny, Stampe would
torture the poor thing and then murder her...

After that we checked out some other stores all around
our "little" town, it's not that little but it feels like it.
I got two new DVDs, Hannibal and Twelve Monkeys.
I love the Hannibal series and Bruce Willis, who's
the lead role in Twelve Monkeys, I'm a huge fan of him.

My latest obsession online is wikiHow.
It's such a great site, I love it xD
I'm on there like the whole time when I'm at
the computer haha. Just reading and reading.

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