January 02, 2009

Good Morning ^.^

Purrrrfect Love

Yesterday I started to organize my room like madness.
I went through all of my clothes, threw some away and
the other that I don't want I'm going to sell (:
Because they just take up a lot of space that I need
for the clothes that I do use.

My sister called later and asked me if I wanted to
come home with her and her boyfriend.
I was totally on and got up from my bath fast,
got dressed and then they picked me up like 20 min later.
I played and cuddled with the cats, Lillan and Ronny.
Ate a second dinner which was yummy yum :D
We also watched Silent Hill, I adore that movie (:

Today I'm continuing with my room, I still have
a lot of things that I need to do before it's "right".
I also have more stuff that I have to photograph
and get up online so that I can sell it.

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