January 23, 2009

Mára aurë (:

I got up around 10 am today.
After the phone had rung like a million times.
I still don't know who it was...(?)

I spent my night watching all The Lord of The Rings movies.
So yeah, I'm really tired today to be honest xD
I'd forgotten how emotional those movies make me,
I break into tears at the wrong places for sure haha.

Today I'm meeting my sister (:
I'm going to be at her work around 4 pm,
then we're going to take a walk ^.^
I love her so much, she's my personal star :3

I've started to learn elvish once again (Quenya).
I used to be really kick ass on it but lost interest.
But I caught it right back up again a few days ago.
Pedich Edhellen?

It's mostly to have something to do when I'm restless.
But it's also a lot of fun and very interesting :D

Nai haryuvalyë melwa rë.

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