January 05, 2009

In This Hole.

Taken January 19th 2008 by John.

I feel so down today, I have no idea why.
I just want to hide from the world and cry all day long.
Even if I have accepted that this is how my life is,
there this is a part of who I am it's still a hard life.
But it is my life and I'll do what I can with it.

Today I have to bring bang some rented movies.
So I'm bringing my camera with me to photograph.
No, still haven't photographed like I've said for days lol.
I'm also going to ask my mum if she can give me money
for a delicious coffee and something goody as well.
I like taking a coffee alone, just watching people.
Or read a magazine while drinking it.

Hopefully it will help me clear my overfilled mind
and make me feel less sad and angry.

I'm almost done with my new layout over at
Kitten Neverland
So that means a new layout here soon.


Credit goes to The Cherry Blossom Girl.
A Blog I started to follow a few weeks ago, I adore it.
Looking at her pictures makes my inspiration go wild.
I recommend it from the bottom of my heart (:

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