January 04, 2009


Ooh, Solitude,
Forever me and forever you
Ooh, Solitude,
Only you, only true

(Evanescence - Solitude)

Not that much is happening today.
Just going to have a calm day filled with inspiration.
It's Sunday after all and on Sunday you relax :D
I am going to take a walk soon out in the snow,
the sun is out and it's very beautiful out there right now.
I love walking around in the winter sun, it's lovely.
Seems like that Cat Power and Evanescence will be
my so called choice of music for the day.
I've had the Twilight soundtracks as my music
for a very long time now, since I first saw the movie.

I like my solitude, I need my solitude.
I chose to be that kind of person because
that's the way I want my life mostly.
It's nothing wrong with that, right ?

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