November 11, 2008

Hi (:

My Saturday was great just like i thought it would be (:
I ate delicious dinner at my sisters place and had such a great
time at Rosas place :D We played Singstar for like 3 hours o.0
I also slept over at my sisters place so I came home on Sunday (:
The picture above is of me and my sister at her place ^.^

I haven't done that much today, woke up with a headache.
When that finally gave up I watched the new episode of
Heroes and Gossip Girl (: It was great, as always.
It's been raining since yesterday so not that fun going outside o.o
Hopefully it will stop until tomorrow...
In order to be random I'll say; I'm turning 21 on Thursday.
Where the hell did the time go ?! D:
Feels like I was 16 like yesterday and now I'm turning 21 o.0

Well, it's TV time for me so got to go before I miss the beginning (:

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