November 11, 2008

Stupid People.

Okay. One thing I don't get is
People complaining on scene kids
(or whatever the hell they're called o.o)
when they look like one them self o.0
I mean...dude if you're going to complain on how
someone dresses and stuff make sure you don't look the same
BEFORE you make the damn video or something xD
It just makes you look stupid.
Because in the end you're sitting there, hating and complaining
on not just those people but also yourself...which is pretty damn stupid.
Because it's annoying and once again...STUPID !! xD

I'm not saying that I hate scene kids or anything.
I think their hairstyle is pure awesomeness and their clothes are gorgeous.
I don't hate any so called style.
Do you like it, go for it and be happy o.0

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