November 01, 2008

And off I go (:

I know my aunt looks funny in the picture lol. But I still love this picture of us (: <3
I got a headache before so I crash landed in my bed
after I returned the rented movies lol.
I've just eaten dinner, cuddled with Stampe
Stampe is my lionheaded bunny for you who don't know ;)
and now I'm drinking coffee before I'm off o.o
My parents are already at my aunt and uncle,
so I'm going there soon since my headache gone ^.^
As soon as I get Stampe into his cage that is xD

This is my beautiful baby boy Stampe.
He's named after the rabbit in Bambi.
Stampe is Swedish for Thumper lol.
I love him more then anything in the whole world =^.^=

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