March 17, 2009

It took a few hours longer for me to get back after my bath...
I decided to finally watch Australia, I've wanted to see it for some time now.
That movie is so amazing, I love it so much and I can assure you I will see it again.
The beautiful Nicole Kidman and the very sexy Hugh Jackman completed the movie.
My god Hugh is so sexy in a beard...I thought I would die of him.
In the beginning it was the same thing as always with seeing Hugh Jackman...
I wanted to watch one of the X-men movies just seeing him 2 seconds.
Me and my sister calls it the Wolverine Syndrome. She gets the same craving haha.
Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors and Nicole Kidman one of my favorite actresses.
So it was a good combination as the lead stars in the movie, they look perfect together.
I still want to see an X-men movie, thinking of doing that even if it's over 1 am...

I was to the second hand store today again, same as last times. I found two things.
A bag that I'm going to re-make, so it's my first sewing project...scary but true.
I also found a grey skirt, simple and beautiful. I loved it and since it was my size I bought it.
I'll show you pictures of it and the other clothes I bought last week (doing laundry tomorrow).
I tried to find some buttons for the bag as well (I have the result in my head) but no luck...

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