March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wishes.

...I had a digital system camera. I have an analog system camera and I love it so much. But it would be more fun and easier with a digital.
Most pictures I take with my digital camera, Kodak EasyShare V1003. It's awesome.
But imagine the happiness with a digital system camera. When I finally get one or buy it
I will cry of happiness for sure. I long for that day to come, hopefully it will come soon.

...I had the guts to start with swaps online all over the world. It would be so much fun & I would get things I can't get a hold of in Sweden as well.
But I am to afraid to get tricked, mess up from my side and so on that I don't...
And the part where I have no clue to even get started kind of stands in the way too.

...I had a new computer screen. Yes, mine is very old and it's falling apart.
It will soon stop working and it will break my heart, I will cry because of it to be honest.
My mom has promised me a flat screen...but it never comes 0.0 *cries a little now*
The colors are completley fucked up on this one, very dark, it sometimes stop working.

...That I could travel the world right now. Or just a few places like;
London (I miss London), New York, Paris, Australia, New Zeeland, Tokyo...
I can go on and on writing down all the places of this world I want to visit before I die.

...That I had my own place. Right now I'm living with my parents...
It's frustrating !! Everyone is getting their own place and here I am, stuck back home.
I want my own apartment to decorate. My privacy. I want to have my two cats damn it.

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