March 17, 2009

Tuesday Loving.

...Cat Power. I discovered her when I saw the movie V for Vendetta since the song
I Found a Reason is in that movie. I looked her up and fell in love with more songs she's
made, I now own all of her cd's. Her song touches my heart and soul, makes me calm.

...My new tights, that's two-colored. I've wanted the black/white ones for a very long time.
But every time I found them, my size was already gone. I finally found them a few days ago.
It made me very happy and now I love them even more then before.

...YouTube. Great site for so many different things. I've found great tutorials for sewing
this last week that's helped me a lot in the learn-to-sew mission I've started.
Also for trailers for the many movies I'm longing to see. And of course the vlogs of awesome
people over there. There's so much that makes me smile on that website.

...Twilight. I love the movie, haven't read the books. The movie is so beautiful and
peaceful somehow. I don't know if it's the music (wonderful) or the whole story.
It's probably a mix of both in the end. Whatever it is I love the movie. Truly amazing.

...These music brushes I found on Obsidian Dawn I fell in love in them at first sight and made this little piece straight after I had them downloaded, I'm pleased with it to be honest.
I'm sure I'll use them many more times. You should check it out, there's much more there.

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