March 24, 2009

Grimmjow is coming home.

I got up early this morning determined to win an auction on Tradera.
I fought with all I had and in the end I did win, got it really cheap too.
The object was a 13 cm Grimmjow Figure that I fell for when I first saw it last week.
I worked so hard to save money for it in that short time and I did it !! So very happy !

Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is my number one favorite character when it comes to Bleach,
he's my number one around anime. I adore him and it's so hard to get merchandise with him.
But soon my baby will be coming home to me at last and I am so hyper right now haha.

Some people like to buy old things for their home in order to decorate it.
I buy merchandise that's close to my home, like Grimmjow stuff if I can find it.
My most precious merchandise is my Lord Voldemort wand (see picture above)
that I got for Christmas 2007 from my best friend Wookie, I seriously cried lol.
Most things around it is Harry Potter. It's the easiest to get in Sweden and such,
also it is one of my biggest so called obsessions. But the Bleach part is growing fast...
And I got a feeling that I will grow even faster now when I've found that girl on Tradera.
I got a little inside information that she'll probably get Grimmjow and Ulquiorra plushies.

So when the day comes when I show you around my home, by video or pictures, be
ready to see merchandise instead of decoration stuff like books and such ^.^
Not that books and other things is wrong, I found it to be very beautiful as well !!
Only that, I prefer the merchandises over that. Everyone is different.

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