March 25, 2009

Wednesday Wishes.

...That is was Spring so I can wear my beautiful red coat, I love my red coat.
But also so I can go out in a skirt or dress without thinking "I'm going to die...".
I am so sick of the snow and the cold !! I want a warm sun and colors around me.

...That I could find the family for me in England already.
I am planning to go away as an Summer Au Pair this Summer and that's the reason.
It's not just to pack your things and be on your way. You have to find the right family.
I have my eyes on England because I love that country as my own, I miss it so much.
So keep your fingers crossed that I'll find the perfect family for me this year...

Those two are my only wishes this week.
Because they are so big they push out all the others.
Especially the second one, please let me find the right one.


Carita said...

aw hjärtat, tack så jättemycket! hihi, det värmer. ♥
jag lovar att visa upp bilder där man ser hur den ser ut på mig så fort jag får ta hem den förresten. ^^
hoppas du får världens finaste helg! Puss och kram :*

alexandra said...

ja haha. Hellre batman än batwomen liksom :D

yoli said...

nice blog!!