October 30, 2008

A New Start.

So, I decided to start blogging in English once again.
There for I deleted my old English blog and made a new one (:
It's the same name and address. I just wanted a fresh start.
So instead of deleted like 100 posts I deleted it and made a new one xD
So a new layout and the same old Kitten writing in it ^.^
Honestly I must say that I'll probably wont be as active like last time.
I also have a Swedish blog that I write in almost every day, sorry about that.
For you who know Swedish can follow that blog over here;
Kitten Neverland.

It's a lot that I still have to do when it comes to the layout,
fixing the meny for example.
But I will take a piece at the time ;)
I don't have much inspiration right now.

If you're lucky I might start video blogging as well D:
I'm thinking of starting a new channel at YouTube and if I do,
I'll post the vlogs here too. We'll see what happens (:

For now good bye and I'll see you soon ^.^

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