August 04, 2009

Alice in Wonderland [2010]

[Music: Scissor Sister - Laura]
[Mood: Excited]

These kind of things makes my all warm and fuzzy inside.
It makes my depression go *poof* as well for a short while.
Tim Burton is my number one favorite in the movie making world.
He is so amazing, all of his movies are just...perfect !! It's a good word for it.
Alice in Wonderland, wonderful story and very loved by me and many.
Tim Burton's version will without a doubt be so perfect I could die.
The cast is perfect. Danny Elfman will do the music, that is perfect too.

Time has to move faster to the time for this wonderfulness will be here.

So, who can see me sitting in a
cute dress with a bow in my hair?

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Eunate said...

I love Alice!!! XD And I like Your blog so much! Congratulations!!