August 04, 2009

& The Blood Goes Drip Drop...

[Music: Cat Power - Werewolf]
[Mood: Depressed]

The last few days have been...hard I guess you could say.
My depression has been reminding me well that it's here.
The best word to describe how I've felt is the word dead.
I hate that feeling. And I hate not being in control over it.

I'm still very down. I still just want to cry and hide under the cover.
But I've decided to do something today. To get out at least.
So I'm going to the thrift store later, when it has opened.

I'm starting to become afraid to be honest.
Almost nothing makes me happy anymore.
I am dead inside.

I do not want your pity. I just needed to write to calm down.
To get it out of my system so to speak.
I'll be as normal soon, I hope.

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