August 02, 2009

Let me...

[Music: Regina Spektor - The Sword & The Pen]
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Strawberry Dress (3)
I wish I could dance with fairies all day long,
to feel happy and magical while we dance along.
I want to see the world, live in a new country once time a week.
I want to feel happiness in a new language that I seek.
Give me wings so I can fly high up in the sky, among all the clouds.
Give me strength so I can earn the money I need to travel all around.
I want to shop in Paris, live in England, go to Disney Land and meet my prince.
I want to dive in Australia and hike in New Zeeland. Travel around Scotland
and see all the castles. Visit Beyond Retro in London. Visit everything I want.
I See The World Through My Eyes
And when all of that is done and even more besides that...
Let me show you my world and life as I've seen it through my eyes.
Let me fill you with my adventures to spark up your dreams.
To give you fairytales and make you feel all magical inside.

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