August 05, 2009

Hello Little Butterfly.

[Music: Billy Idol - White Wedding]
[Mood: Relaxed]

Today my friend Wookie is coming here and I am happy to get company !!
Wookie isn't just any friend, he is my very best friend in the whole world.
We're eating japanese food today, I am craving for some sushi. Yummy!!
With other words I need to clean up a bit in the apartment, but not much.
Also going to the summer place to see my parents for a few hours today.

And tomorrow Wookie, me, my sister and Peter are going to the zoo.
My favorite one called Kolmårdens Zoo !! I have permission from dad
to take his brilliantly awesome camera with me, so happy over that.

But that is not all. Yesterday I got a surprise video from Wookie,
that I'm not allowed to upload on the internet haha, about the trip next week.
We're going to a place called Noak's Arc !! It is a zoo as well and is about
5-6 hours away from here so we're spending the night at their hotel :)
We're going on the 11th next week and it's going to be so much fun too.
The nature around where we will live is so amazingly beautiful.

But I'm going to watch the new Bleach episode now and then clean a bit.

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