August 28, 2009

El laberinto del fauno

[Music: Javier Navarrete - Long, Long Time Ago (Hace much, much tiempo)]
[Mood: Tired]

School is going very well. This week has been very calm but I've been ill
at the same time as I've been to school, not that anyone has noticed haha.
But it's not because people in school ignores me, I just feel a lot better
when I am there. It's strange really, I used to hate school with all I had.

I watched Pan's Labyrinth tonight, I love that movie so much. A favorite.
One thing I love around it is how about 50 % think all of it is happening
while the other 50 % thinks it's all in Ofelia's little mind, adore her.
What side do you think I am on?
The music in the movie is so amazing I could die from it, I
I would love to hear more work by that composer, Javier Navarrete.

If you have not seen the movie yet, believe me when I say that you must.
Don't let movies in a different language stop you from discovering new things !!
Pan's Labyrinth is in Spanish. The movies "real" name is El laberinto del fauno.

Well I am off to bed. I promise I'll get better on updating :)
Working on a new layout for the blog again as well. Will be similar to my Swedish one.

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