August 06, 2009

Kolmårdens Zoo 2009

[Music: Regina Spektor - The Call]
[Mood: Exhausted]

Forever Watchful
I've had a great day today being at the zoo !!
It's been amazing weather all day, almost to amazing & warm.
We drank a lots of water but still I got a headache on the way home,
but not to worry, it is gone now since I took a nap hehe.

We managed to catch the bird-show they have there and as every year
it was truly amazing. I got a few amazing photographs and I recorded a bit.
So I'll put up a video or two later or in a day or two, along with more photos.

I am so tired right now I hardly know my name...
So I'll make this short and end here.

I'm going to drink my coffee and look through the new H&M magazine.
Did you have a good day?

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