March 16, 2009

Sea of Love.

Me & Athena.
A true cuddle monster.

Sitting drinking my tea in my room right now with a very playful bunny in here.
Stampe is out and about, having his race between the kitchen and my room.
I don't get how something with so short legs can run so surprisingly fast 0.0

I might as well say right away that the little monkey on the picture above
is not a pet of mine. It's taken at a zoo I visit now and then, mostly to photograph.
That year this little monkey fell for me and she still comes to say hello as an adult.
I named her Athena instead of calling her Little Monkey when she comes.

I want to start with swaps online from all over the world. But I don't know how...
And I'm a bit lame because I'm a bit scared to start doing it haha. What if I get tricked.
We'll see what happens with that, maybe I'll ask one of my friends from online to start with.

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mary said...

cute blog :-D