November 15, 2009

Long Time, No See

Hello dearies,
how is life for you all?

Things has changed since my last post.
One of them being that I've once again quit school.
The reason for it is very personal and I'm having a really
hard time in my life right now. So I'm in a deep depression.
I don't want to tell the whole online-world what it is because
some things are just to personal. At least to me they are.
I will go back to school in the beginning of the next year
so this is just a break so that I'll get myself through this chaos.

If we look at this from the bright side it means I'll have more
time for the blog along with youtube. Tutorials and such too.
I will once again for a few months have time over for photography.
I need the bright side of things, it's my motivation to get a move on.

Oh, I'm 22 now by the way.
November 13th was my birthday :)

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