March 13, 2009

Friday Obsessions.

Watching movies from the past. I have been watching movies from my past a lot lately.
The Last Unicorn, The Addams Family, Legend, Wizard of Oz and a lot more. I love it.
It brings back so much memories and makes me all warm & happy inside.

X-men. Always an obsession since I was a little girl but it's been more the last week.
With the newest animated show Wolverine and The X-men and all the new pictures and stuff coming out around X-Men Origins: Wolverine it's just hitting overload by now. Gambit, wohoo !!

Twitter. When I first heard about it I didn't get how everyone was so crazy about it.
Then I got an account during The Oscars and now I am hooked. I love it, it's insane !!
You can of course add me there as well, there's a link in the meny to the right.

Flickr. I have my up and down with this site. The last week I've spent a lot of time in there.
Getting inspiration, love and being amazed how amazing so many of the members are.
There's a link to my account in the meny to the right.

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