March 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home.

I came home a little over an hour ago from Wookies place, my dearest friend.
I went there yesterday to stay the whole weekend but I had a breakdown today so I wanted to go home earlier. He was sweet and gave me a ride because the bus had stupid times. Thank you !!
Wookie gave me the most adorable money-box yesterday. Yes, I am a Hello Kitty lover hehe.
I am in love with it and I've already put money in it. It will be great for my saving to be honest.
Thank you so much Wookie !! I love you and I am so grateful for everything you do for me.

I found a few small things during my short time there but haven't taken pictures of it yet.
So I'll do that later when I'm...well when I'm not dead tired ready to drop dead.

Right now I'm drinking coffee while surfing Flickr. After I've finished my coffee I'm taking a bath, I need one to relax right now and am longing for it. Stampe is very happy to have his mommy home, as always lol. He's addicted to me, almost to much for his own good...

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Y said...

that money box is so so cute!

Your blog is lovely

Thanks for visiting mine!