March 06, 2009

Long Time, No Read.

It's been over a month since I last posted here.
A lot has happen, mostly sad things.
Hades has passed away, my gerbil.
But he was old so it was expected, I was ready for that.

February 10th my heart died
Lillan, my favorite cat in the whole wide world
was put down because she was very ill.
There was nothing the could do and it was the best.
But still my heart aches every day still, I miss her.
I loved her more then I love most humans.
And I will always love her that much.
Many of you have seen her, read about her for years.
The thought of never to be able to hold her again.
To never see her come running when I come to my sisters,
to never ever have her in my arms while I sleep...
It makes me cry because she was my heart, it's gone now.

I've contacted my old psychologist and I have a meeting
with her on Wednesday 10 am, I need that.
My depression has been back for months now and it
is time I do something about it.

I've also filled in an application.
So I'm starting school again after the summer.
I'm looking forward to that to be honest.
I'm sick of not doing anything.

Hopefully I'm back here, you never know ;)
I probably am.

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