March 11, 2009

Planning & Thoughts.

As I wrote before in my Wednesday Wishes I can't sew at all, seriously I can not.
Mostly because my teacher in it (both times) has been bitches. They made me
not want to go there because they where mean to pretty much everyone...
My mother has said she can teach me but we never get there.
So now I have taken the thing in my own hands, I went to YouTube and looked up tutorials for sewing, they are many for both beginners and of course more advanced ones.

I am a very creative person and I want to expand my knowledge in that area even more.
I decided to take the step and go with sewing this time, last time it was photography.
The time before that it was Photoshop...I want to create things with my hands now.

I think it can help me with my depression as well on top of it all.
Working with your hands is a great stimulation for your brain after all.

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