March 10, 2009

Make me Smile. Crack me Up.

I went to the Second Hand shop that's open every Tuesday and Saturday
with my mother today after we had dinner with my father.
It's named Öppen Hand (Open Hand) and it's small.
But they have a lot on that small space & you almost always find something, little or big.
All the money they earn in goes to help people around the world,
which makes it even better if your a good person, which I am lol.
Today I found a black vest, a black top with a ribbon,
an old cigarette case in silver and two small bottles.
The bottles if for a photography project I'm working on, I still need more things for it...
I don't have pictures of anything yet but I will take & upload some tomorrow of course.

Right now I'm drinking coffee and listening to Clair de Lune by The APM Orchestra
while I surf around on random pages.
Mostly Flickr and deviantART as always during these moments.
When I've finished my coffee I'm going to take my bath,
pour in some relaxing oils in the water.

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